New Beard Grower



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    Youssef Hamidi

    Hey Chris!

    Sounds like you should visit a dermatologist and find out why your skin is reacting this way. I'd also DEFINITELY stop using that loreal shampoo/conditioner on your face. You do not need that at the current stage of your beard growth. I'd suggest just buying a bottle of beard oil for now but most important thing is to see a Derm!

    Good luck. 

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    Chris Wittenborn

    Thanks Youssef, 

    Great advice. 

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    Nigel David Kelly

    As Youssef says get to a dermatologist. But until then beard oil will help a lot. Make sure to get it in to the skin. Also beard softener will be the most gentile way to wash your beard. Something else I do is to use  beard conditioning oil which I apply before going to bed. The only company I know which does this is an English one called Percy Nobleman.

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