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    Eric Bandholz

    If you ever thought Beardbrand was about thick beards and being macho; then you misinterpreted our message.

    If you are already perfect in all ways, then Beardbrand certainly isn't the place for you. Beardbrand is about becoming a better version of yourself, whatever that may be. To become better, you must accept your own flaws.

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    Josh Lawson

    Beardbrand has always encouraged men to be the best version of themselves. Not everyone has the same beard, same style, or same preferences, so we want to highlight as many different people as we can. If that's not your cup of tea, then we totally understand. To each their own; keep on growing!

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    Arthur Hulshizer

    Wow, what a comment! First of all I don't circle jerk and second I'm not insecure! Weak beards?Look at mine! A real man is not judged by the size of his beard or other appendage but by what he does and how he lives his life! If you stop growing, you are already stagnant and closed to new ideas and thinking about new things or points of view! Maybe you are looking for something else. Perhaps phony compliments?

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