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    Josh Lawson

    Thanks for swinging by, Jeff. I'm happy to provide some guidance. Using the brush and comb to train your hair to grow/sit in the direction you want it to be in can definitely help. If you're wanting to get it more into the shape and manage it, then you can use either of the balms we offer. The Styling Balm can help keep your beard in place and tame those flyaways. The Utility Balm give you all the moisture you need, while also using a small amount of beeswax to gently convince your hairs to do what you want.

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    Arthur Hulshizer

    So the beard is still short. Itchy! Use the beard oil after shower and then 1 to 2x per day especially right before bed. Shampoo 2 to 3x week. Watch for dander. Get your fingers in there while shampooing or get a bebop. Can substitute utility balm for beard oil with added benefit training hairs to go where you want them. Styling balm for stubborn hair not going where you want. I found early stages using brush better than comb. You will rely on comb much later as well as balm. Look into beard softener following shampooing. The beard hairs will not be coarse or rough and partner will appreciate that.

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