advice wanted pls (2 1/2 months in)



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    Josh Lawson

    Hey Tyler, thanks for sharing your growth so far. 

    You've got great coverage for only being 19. As you get older it'll start to fill in more.

    In the meantime, I'd say to rock what makes you feel confident.

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    Nigel David Kelly

    that's an elegant tidy beard for 19 man.

    my advice would be stop worrying about it and time will resolve any doubts you may have.

    for now just enjoy your beard and get used to it being a new part of your personal style.

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    Arthur Hulshizer

    You look good. You have strong chops. Find a style to focus on that. Keep mustache and try to grow in chin. Or, you might think about wolverine style. Don't give up!

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