Beard Grooming in Professional Work Environment



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    Bring pictures, always bring pictures of the style you want for your barber to look at.

    Do you use any beard products? A good balm with some hold is your friend to keep those fly-away hairs controlled. I would try and hold off on the trims for a few months. If you want a great styled with that two inch length you need to grow for about 4 months.

    Keep your checklines cleaned up as well as the bottom of your neck that will also help with a cleaner appearance.

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    Arthur Hulshizer

    Thanks for your advice. Yes I do use beard products but for some reason beard hair doesn't want to cooperate. I've been watching beardbrand video on grooming which I think are helpful.

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    Andries Jansen

    Hi Arthur Hulshizer,

    I am the public face (sales and consultation) of a very "old fashioned" company.  Appearance is everything here.  I am currently on month 8 of my beard growth and  I get away with it in the following manner:

    1. Keep your cheek and neckline clean.  DO NOT cut all the way to the beard, you might just trim it lower and lower.  Stop just above the thick growth.

    2. Like MBrashares said, products.  I wash my beard twice a week and use Balm daily.  

    On the finding a good barber it is a tricky one.  I am on my third barber at the moment.  You really need to be able to connect with the guy. But again, as MBrashares said, take pictures with.  They cant read minds, and I know trying to describe what I want is difficult. So showing a picture help.  

    Good luck and have a good one. 

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    Arthur Hulshizer

    I appreciate your comments! I found out on my own about keeping cheek and neck line clean and causing receeding edges. Now keep the lines slightly stubbly. As for barber, I started going two a new one and he gets me. He was able to fix what the last barber did. Happy with this one.

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    In a professional environment, you have to style. I just recently discovered that I do, in fact, own a blow dryer. Takes me 5 minutes in the am to go from bed beard to work beard.  See some of the YouTube vids for the techniques.  If you want it to grow, stop trimming it.  Roll it under and lock it in with a cool blast from the hair dryer.  :)


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