Should I give up? Please help.



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    Jeff LePage

    And from the right

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    Josh Lawson

    Glad you've got the confidence again to share some photos with us. It's great to see what kind of style you're rocking, and looks great on you! Your Goatee is definitely the area that grows in strongest for you. It's an option to rock that by itself, but another choice is to go with the Scruffy Goat (Think Tom Hardy). I really think you could rock that style really well.

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    Andries Jansen

    Keep it! 

    It looks good.  Just remember, no-one knows that is a 9 month growth, if that is what is bothering you.  


    Like Josh said go for a goatee for a while, and then grow in the sides again.  I could grow a full beard only after I turned 32.  

    At the end of they day, we can give advice, you have to do what makes you happy.  But I would keep it.

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