Jojoba and Argon Oil



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    Josh Lawson

    Jojoba Oil is DHT friendly and can encourage your beard growth. Almond and Castor oil aren't as DHT friendly, but work just as well to moisturize your beard and skin. Using them in your beard oil won't make your body produce less sebum like that article suggests. The hair follicle will absorb them best after a warm shower and you've towel dried your beard and skin.

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    Eric Bandholz


    Different oils have different properties and there is no one perfect solution. Formulation is about going in with a goal and developing a product that delivers on the goal. There are multiple factors that makes a base oil "good" & "bad" and those variances depend on the individual user.

    Find what you are looking for with your base oil and develop that way. 

    FYI, I removed the link per forum policy.


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    Curtis Stahl

    Thank you for the replies. My apologies for breaking policy! I have learned a lot about beard care through your videos and this community. Thank you for helpong to organize everything. You guys have helped me tremendously!

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    Eric Bandholz

    No worries about the link. Glad to have helped you out and we'll be focusing on growing the community in a more purposeful way for this quarter. 

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