Beard advice Needed



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    Josh Lawson

    To help it lay flat all day, I recommend Styling Balm. It works great to tame those stray hairs and maintain the shape you're looking for.

    For morning routine, you can use Beard Oil or Utility Balm, then blow dry, and follow up with the Styling Balm.

    As for night, you can use less Balm to coat your beard and skin. But not too much though, as you don't want to go to sleep with too much resting on your face.

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    Time and length are going to be your friends. I have a similar beard, maybe slightly less curly. Once I let the sides grow for several months they started to lay down better. The Styling Balm will definitely help. I would also recommend Mustache Wax for your mustache to start training it out of your mouth.

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    Bryan Merton

    Your beard is looking great! I had the same problem and as the sides have grown it has started to lay flat. I also just received the Styling Balm and as Josh said it works great for holding down those pesky curly hairs. I had one side that stuck out and mustache wax did the trick.

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    Nigel David Kelly

    Styling balm is a must for you my friend. You don't need a lot. As the rest say, as it grows longer it will naturally lay flatter. Plus I find a brush straightens out my hair more than a comb. Maybe it's just me. But worth a try. Also I find that applying a light oil at night makes the beard hair super soft, and the softer the more it lays straight. Just another idea.

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