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    Josh Lawson

    It looks awesome man! The squareness definitely makes yours unique, and really doesn't look that bad. I'd say keep on growing, your beard looks awesome. What might help is a comb, which can get rid of some of the wiriness of it, then use Styling Balm, which can keep it all in place (set to restock on Jan 31).

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    Thank you for the kind words.  "That bad" in reference to the squareness of my man main has me wondering regarding your response.  Currently I style daily with a beard wax and oil and a blow dryer.  I have also taken the advice here of conditioner cleaner vs soap for a regular cleanse. Works but makes my stuff so soft it get's wavy requiring more beard wax to control. 

    I apprciate your suggestion of the styling beard balm and have a question.  What is the consistency of this product? Is it of wax or balm?

    Using a kent comb at this point the maintain the mane...initial styling requires a stylist wide tooth comb with a narrow tooth comb to finish.

    As you can see Im doing my research and applying applicable suggestions as such.  

    Keep em coming!

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    Josh Lawson

    I didn't mean for a negative connotation to come across, so I apologize for that. I was more in reference to your barber saying it looked bad, he was definitely in the wrong. The Styling Balm has the consistency of a balm and offers a medium hold that gives a more natural look to it.

    Yeah, keep learning and doing your research. That's how you get the best possible result. 

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    I like the square look.  The sheer size is impressive. 

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