Hitting the 2 months mark out of 6 this Sunday on my beard !



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    Josh Lawson

    Thanks for letting us help out at every stage of growth, and even sharing it with your friends!

    You and your beard are looking awesome, and you've made some great progress. As long as you care for your beard and skin you'll have even more healthy growth.

    Keep on growing, and we'll keep supporting you no matter what style, shape, or size beard you decide to rock!


    Cheers from Beardbrand HQ.

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    Nigel David Kelly

    Hi Fabian,

    your beard is thick and dense and is making a great beard. Just referring to your previous post, my beard is now about 6 months in length and that size seems to be best for me. I did grow a yeard before trimming it back in August this year.

    Like you my beard is very thick and dense. Also like you I love Beardbrand products. I have used a lot. But BB is among my top 3 brands. I won't say what the others are here :)

    Looking forward to seeing your beard at the 6 month stage.

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