Beardbrand has ended White Line



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    Just curious as to why you think they will be ending the White line? Eric and the Beardbrand staff are stand up people. If they do in fact end the white line, I’m sure it will be for a valid reason. Glass half full.

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    All anyone wants to know is how I know!

    All I know is it took forever to find products that worked and now they won't exist anymore. And that I've already been upsold to Silver Line by them today - which, frankly, I can't afford.

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    Nigel David Kelly

    Hi Jonny, what do you mean when you say you were upsold?

    I have just purchased three of their whiteline products and had no problem or suggestion from them about any kind of issue.


    Can someone from Beardrand advise on this?

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    Josh Lawson

    Hey Nigel, thanks for asking. We haven't made any announcement about ending the White Line. There are still products available directly on our website. I spoke with Johnny on Twitter as well as in our Customer Support channel and told him we were focusing on expanding the Silver and Gold Lines. I mentioned SIlver Line because only Gold was mentioned. It wasn't meant to be an upsell, just an acknowledgment of another option. I apologize if my words were construed that way.

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    Nigel David Kelly

    Hi Josh,

    thanks for replying and so quickly.

    I have used products from all three of your lines, and while Gold and Silver are superb, I am also very happy with the White collection.

    So glad to hear it will still be available.



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