Almost a yeard, I feel like the progress is slow. Any thoughts?



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    Josh Lawson

    First of all, you've made some awesome progress man! It looks awesome! To help get it tame without going to the barber, I recommend using Styling Balm, a comb, and a blow dryer. This will all help keep it easy to manage. If you use the blow dryer or Styling Balm, I'd say to use Beard Oil as well so you don't lose any moisture.

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    Aleksandar Kojović

    Thank you for your response, picture on the right is without any styling gear. Now I'm using styling balm, beard oil and a beard shampoo. I guess I'll keep growing it and see what happens :).

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    Alexander Fraser

    Hey, I'd actually suggest something really strange! I find this helps ease my beard keeps it in line dab some oil within some balm let it naturally heat in your hands and between your fingers and gently brush it through making sure you use your fingers like a comb then finally finish it off with a small to long comb "kent are a great make" starting with small teeth to then the big after you've done this use a boar bristle brush to just even it out how you want the volume of your beard to sit.

    Must say though looks awesome dude keep at it!

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    Nigel David Kelly

    I have heard other beardsmen talk about using oil and balm mixed together and I have considered it.

    I do use them both but I use a slightly different approach from Alexander. 

    I first apply oil to the roots of my beard by applying it to the tips of my fingers and then using them like a comb to get it into the roots. I then apply balm to the surface and then use a brush to get the balm no more than a quarter of an inch into the beard surface. A brush keeps the beard more compact giving it a neater more controlled appearance. My hair, especially side hairs are very curly.

    During the day I only use a brush for the same reason.

    And lastly man go for that yeard. You will always be glad you did!

    I will. I learnt a lot about myself and those around me.

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