3 1/2 months in what should I do?



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    Beard is looking great!

    First question would be are you using beard oil? If not add that right away to keep the skin underneath your beard hydrated. Beardbrand has a ton of great videos on their YouTube channel for help with applying oil, trimming, etc.

    Back to your original question, the beard does look great, but a minor trim to line things up would help give a more cleaner appearance. I wouldn’t take off any length, maybe clean up the neck/jaw a little bit. Overall great beard though!

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    Keep growing!  


    I agree with the above...get a clean up with a good New Skool barber to create your shape.  Keep the length and let the cheeks fill out.

    Bear oil in the morning after your shower.

    A blow dryer works wonders to train the beard in the am.

    What are you going for style wise?  Full short or full and long?

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