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    Keith Calhoun

    Keep it up, man! Stay patient with it. Normally, it will take 3 or 4 months for your cheeks to fill in and complete the beard. So just fight the urge to shave it! Grab some of this to help keep things moisturized/prevent itchiness and irritation while it grows:

    You're setting yourself up for success - keep it up!

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    Mike Wiseman

    Thanks man, my facial hair looks so terrible it's funny but I don't care...

    I ordered some products from the Beardbrand online store a few days ago, I cannot wait to get them because my facial hair is really dry and uncomfortable right now. I purchased beard oil, utility bomb, softener and a brush! So pumped to receive them, when I do ill post a review and an update

    Hopefully the utility bomb + brush will help straighten out & soften my hair so that it does not look so scraggly.


    Stay tuned!

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