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    Very nice!  Would love to hear how you're combining the 3 products in one grooming (order etc) and how you think it's better than just one at a time.

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    I apply 2-3 drops of the oil, working it from skin to beard tips just after getting out of the shower when my beard is still damp. I then do a gentle blow dry on the low/coolest setting. Then after blow drying I apply a kind of a loaded fingernail full of the utility balm, working it in the same way as the oil. I will often take my big brush and work the oil through with the hair dryer on the low setting. The little bit of heat seems to help spread the balm nicely and gives a nice shape to the beard. I'd recommend Gray Bailey's (aka George Bruno aka The Sultan of Silver aka my Beardspiration) youtube vid on blow drying/styling the beard. These two steps I do almost daily. If I'm doing nothing, and going nowhere I'll sometimes just let the beard air dry. It gets a little more curly and wild looking that way but it takes a little less time. Anyway, after the utility balm, on days when I'd like my beard to look a little extra good, I apply about the same amount, a loaded fingernail full of the styling balm. This I work through the beard without any emphasis on getting to the skin since it's not meant for skin health. Then I do a final brushing, sometimes with the dryer on low setting, as well as blowing the mustache into the general direction I'd like it to go (I also work a little of the mustache wax in at this point sometimes) and then I'm done. Generally, I get a great, softly rounded look to the beard with very smooth edges without any hairs flying out and looking longer.

    The oil by itself is good for conditioning the skin, softening the beard and giving it a nice shine. The utility balm  just does this even more so. I use them together just because my beard is getting kind of big and it is a dry time of year. This process may change with increasing temps and humidity as we go into spring and summer. The styling balm is great for gentle, soft hold so I use it as a finishing product after moisturizing/softening the beard. I am still experimenting with how much of the styling balm to use but so far it seems a little goes a long way if you aren't trying to go for some look that requires massive, locked in place hold.

    Hope that helps, beard on and keep on growing :)

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    Yianno Koumi

    Beard is looking incredible . Massive respect to you , the George Bruno tips are super great i found the apple cider vinegar rinse did wonders too . I'm trying to figure out what to do with my cheek line because the barber carved it but George made me think that i may want a more natural look .


    "Let it grow and let it flow!"

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    That is one Awesome Beard Brother!!!!!


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