My beard journey Week 3



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    Josh Lawson

    It's actually, growing in a lot of the areas you want, so that's an awesome sign! Since we are already in November, or No-Shave-November, I recommend you keep growing the rest of this month. It'll be about two months of growth by that time and will give you a good idea of what you can accomplish and what your beard will look like. Then grow one more month to see if it will grow anymore. After that third month, you can take inventory of what all you can do right now. If it's not what you like, you can trim it down to highlight the stronger areas. 

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    Nigel David Kelly

    Man for 3 weeks your beard is coming on well.

    Josh is right about the 2-3 months before you  know what you have.

    Throughout my life I have known so many men who start to grow a beard and usually give up within a month.

    Personally I think it takes 4 months before you really know what you've got.

    So keep going as it looks very promising.


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