So its been almost 3 Months Progress.



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    Josh Lawson

    You've come a long way man, and it looks awesome! I know that it might seem like it's taking forever to fill in, but give it some more time. You've got a great bass already, so it can only get better from here! Keep using the brush and the oils. For wash + softener, use it a couple times a week (definitely not an everyday thing unless you're super active). You're well on your way to that super stache you want, so keep on waiting. If you want to help the growth a bit, try increasing testosterone production by lifting some weights and adding some greens to your diet. If you want to try a suppliment, Biotin is a great option for healthy hair, skin, and beard.

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    Aleksandar Kojović

    Give it some time it will fill in , that's really good progress for 3 months! Keep growing and beard on!

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