Looking for a good beard barber in NYC



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    Eric Bandholz

    Personally I've gone to Fellow Barber and they've got a few locations around town. I've been to the one in Chelsea Market. See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDuwLyDzlbg

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    Thanks so much Eric I'm going to check that barber shop out. I really appreciate the help also congrats on your success all of the products from beardbrand are great and I can tell ya put your heart I to it thanks

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    I was looking for a suggestion as well. I have been to Fellow Barber @ West Village with Fausto, he did a decent job. I also have been to Stubble barber, only two people working there, the guy was decent, the lady however took cut a good portion, which isnt what i wanted. Its quite possible, i didn't explain it well.

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