Applying nighttime oil?



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    Austin Y

    My beard tends to get dry in the winter, especially because I'm from a cold region. I always apply oil right when I get out of the shower in the morning and then finish off with balm, and I always apply oil before bed to keep my beard from feeling wirey and scratchy while I sleep. So using oil twice a day keeps my beard soft and comfortable

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    Seems like an OK idea but don't you waste a lot of the oil on your pillowcase?

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    Nigel David Kelly

    Hi Daniel,
    I use a light oil from which is designed for short beards. But it doesn't rub off on the pillow. Don't know why, it just doesn't.

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    David Storm

    I do use a tiny bit of oil on my beard before bed many nights.  If I notice that it's dry, I will work in some, but not enough to get into my pillowcase, I don't think.  I have not noticed any on them.  My beard tends to look better in the morning if I do this as well. 

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    I think if you oil too much you aggravate the dryness of your beard.

    Maybe this happens because by oiling you are mimicking the sebum produced underneath your beard. If you put too much oil (or too often) you'll end up "training" your skin to produce less natural oils. When you wash your beard, you remove the oils naturally produced by your skin and it starts the production from scratch.

    Since you previously regulated the sebum production with too much oil, your skin produces less on its own, or at a slower rate.

    You're also coating your beard hair with a quantity of oil they are not able to absorb because you don't give them enough time (and the excess oil rests on the surface).

    However, that's just my opinion on the topic since I had a really dry beard and I used way more oil than I needed.

    I don't think applying oil at nighttime is a bad idea but maybe I wouldn't use it in the morning. I think I'd try spreading the oils I already have in my beard by combing/brushing.

    Un saluto!

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    Tyler Kilkenny

    I use a little oil and VO5 right after my evening shower. Works great doesn't let the beard dry out overnight.

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    Nigel David Kelly

    Hi Alberto,

    that is a very interesting point.

    I'm going to try the conditioning and half the amount of beard oil for a few weeks and see what happens.

    Will keep ya-all updated.


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    Thank you, Nigel

    I'll follow your updates, let us know!

    Un saluto

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    Nigel David Kelly

    I've been using conditioner on my beard for three morning now while halving the amount of oil.

    I still put some oil on at night, but only about a third of what I was using.

    My beard is already softer and moister! (The human body works in mysterious and illogical ways!)

    I was using way too much oil.

    I've had a beard for the last thirty-seven years. But it has only been for the last five months that I've started to grow a bigger beard and try to look after it properly.

    You guys advice and tips have been invaluable.

    Also have learnt so much from watching Bearbrand's videos on their youtube channel.

    Many thanks.

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