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    Bob Bandholz

    Would like to hear about guys coloring their beards.  Other than Touch of Grey anything else out there?

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    Roger Martin

    Well, I am a new at the length I have now which is just starting to get my wife irritated. (worth it!) But I have done what I have not read anything about. I used to keep a scruff and would use  the touch of grey to get it back to looking more...youthful. I shaved it off for a couple of years and decided not to put color on it anymore.

    Unfortunately, my beard color was not uniformed in any way and was dark now only in spots, which were making it very unbalanced. I decided to take the color out of the spots I had, going more to the white/silver.  I started the beard at the no-shave November event that my wife dubs "rediculous". So to give her a little spice to her life snd give her something to complain about I decided to give it a go!

    I asked a hairdresser about how she was doing my wife's  "Platinum" white look and she told me they had to take the color out. So not wanting anyone to know what I was up to I went to a place I usually try to avoid...Walmart. I found only one product that seemed like it would do what I wanted so I bought one of those kits that bleach/lighten. "Splatz" which also makes a lot of products for bunkers that color hair purple, blue , green or whatever. I knew if I screwed it up, I could always shave it and no one would be the wiser.

    I did it at home just before Christmas this year. It turned out great but it made the hair very corse. This is when I happened on YouTube and Beardbrand.. I started reading and watching all I could about beards and had no idea what I didn't know and it took me 60 years to find it. I started conditioning, conditioning, conditioning! I bought my first beard oil and it is pretty soft now. 

    I have read quite a bit from a lot of different people and I know that this is not something that is recommended by hair care professionals, But so far I do like the look much better than  the 3 or 4 dark patches that I was dealing with. I have done it one mare time since Christmas and was cut the amount of time I left to on my beard. Much better results as beard has stayed soft.

    I am planning to see what happens with this over the next 2 to 3 months, It is still very weak in spots but for now I'm digging it!

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    Roger Martin

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    Bob Bandholz

    Good looking beard, but why not color it to match the head hair?  That's what I do but hard to keep up with both.

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    David Storm

    I periodically use Just for Men.  My beard is white/grey in the chin area, and patchy everywhere else.  I am lucky in that the sides and mustache  are mostly still the color of my head hair. I use the dye all over my beard, but I do not apply the gel onto my chin until about a minute later than the rest of the beard, then rinse/shampoo all at once.  

    This makes the chin not as dark in the end as the sides and mustache, and give me a more natural look.  I like to keep the chin with a little grey, so as I don't look like I've glued on a solid black beard onto my face.  If you play with the time that you leave the dye in, you can find a good routine that makes your feel good about yourself.  I do not like myself with an all-white chin, its just a personal preference. Just for Men comes in I think 5 different shades, maybe 6. Go with a lighter looking color on the box than your head hair to begin with and if that is not dark enough, then go to the next.  I have to keep dying mine every 3 weeks, or maybe 4.  I like it best after its been about 2 weeks after coloring, as the entire beard shows a little more grey all over, and just looks less "dyed".  However, I do not keep it the same!  Sometimes I go all dark, except that is usually by accident from leaving the gel in too long!  I don't think "Touch of grey" lasts as long as "Just for Men" you might try it.  Good luck!  

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    Eric Bandholz

    Thought y'all might get a kick out of knowing this is my dad and we just did a video together. If you want to see what he's like:

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    Bob Bandholz

    David - thanks.  Good tips.  I struggle

    with the "timing" of the dye.  4-5 min and it's still too gray.  7-8 min and too dark.  That's why I am looking for another brand.

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    Evo Shift

    I also recommend the JUST FOR MEN.

    I start the timer when I BEGIN applying the dye.

    I t usually takes me around 5 minutes to apply it to my bears, maybe a little more.


    I jump in the shower and shampoo the dye out at around 10 minutes or more from when I begin timing.

    Sometimes as many as 12-15 minutes.

    I'm pretty happy with the look.

    I also concur that you should start with a lighter shade than you initially think, and then go 1 step darker until you are happy.

    I started with DARK BROWN, and have finally settled with MEDIUM LIGHT BROWN., which is 3 shades lighter.


    My biggest complaint is that the JUST FOR MEN dye seems to fade out of my beard within 1-2 weeks. 




    My beard is gray from the bottom of my ear lobes up, but now also extends into my hair, to the tops of my temples.

    So, I am looking for a professional dye recommendation.

    I's also like to find a professional colorist in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area.

    Here is a link to my thread here:

    Thanks in advance. 


    My hair is gray from the bottom of my ear lobes, to the top of my temples on the side of my head.

    My girlfriend is 23, so I have to have it colored. (please no debates on coloring. thanks.)


    Can the forum please recommend professional products and where to buy?

    I'm also looking for a professional colorist in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area?


    Thanks in advance.



    To get the discussion started.

    I've been using JUST FOR MEN beard dye available at any store, and it works pretty well in my beard.

    But, it seems like the color disappears in about a week, even after only using a color safe shampoo ONLY on my face.

    I'd like something more permanent.


    I've had a local barber color both my beard and entire head with WELLA KOLESTON PERFECT NATURAL dye. But, it only seems to stay in my beard for 1-2 weeks, and I'd like a more "natural" look. 

    I really don't want to my hair to look dyed.  

    The WELLA stuff is supposed to be only sold to pros, but I've been getting around that. 

    Regardless, I'm afraid to screw up my head, so I've been having a barber provide the dye and service anyway. 


    Thanks again in advance for any advice.

    As BeardBrand says, Keep Growing. :)

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