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    Parker Mallouf

    So it's still pretty early in the growth process to determine the best style to go for. Give it a month or so to see if the patchy areas start to fill in. As far as growth supplements, there's not really anything you can do other than eat a clean diet and exercise regularly. Check out this video we have on our YouTube channel discussing the one chemical that will increase hair growth. --

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    Keith Calhoun

    Judging by your face shape alone.. The different styles you will, eventually, be able to go for are limitless! Arggggh I'm so excited for your beard to grow in. Just like Parker was saying, give it time. You're still young and you need to just be patient with it and allow your beard to do its thing.

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    Larry Donaldson

    The best thing you  can do to make your beard grow faster is to properly select your parents with that in mind.  Otherwise, just wait and see what develops. 

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