Shelf life of Beardbrand Beard oil



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    Parker Mallouf

    Hey David, glad to see you in our forum! The fragranced beard oils tend to start losing their scent around the 1 year mark. That doesn't mean the oil won't continue to moisturize your skin and beard, but the fragrance potency will begin to decrease significantly. 

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    Eric Bandholz

    We've also tested the products to have an open date. If you look on the back of the packaging you'll see something like "9M" with an open lid. That means we recommend you use it within 9 months from opening. 

    To have your products last longer, store them away from sunlight in cool, dry areas. Water & sunlight are great for life, but "life" isn't great in your products... If you know what I'm saying.

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    David Storm

    Thank you for answering my question.  Since I am a subscriber, I wanted to be sure that I was timing my subscription correctly for the oils.  I should be fine!  (I use the Spiced Citrus oil frequently) :)

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