Beard Oil, how much is too much?



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    Parker Mallouf

    What's up Alexander, 


    So to answer your question, you can use beard oil as many times as you like throughout the day. The softener will help a lot as well. You might try the Utility Balm also. Both products moisturize your beard and skin and promote healthy, soft growth. 

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    I also have a relatively course beard.  One thing I have noticed that helps a lot is not washing my beard every day (I go every other day with beard wash and softener).  My beard has gotten much softer due to the build up of natural oils.  I also use the utility balm, as I feel like it clings to the hairs better and stays with me longer.  I follow this with a blow dry every day.  

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    I'll give washing once every other day a shot with the softener. When I start running low on oil I'll snag up a utility balm. Thanks Parker and Steven.

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    Alexander, you've been given good advice. I think you are asking 2 questions: How much beard oil how often, and is it the best  for softening your beard. Importantly, whatever beard product you use, don't use much. Surprisingly little goes a very long way.

    You can apply beard oil several times a day, but I think your coarse beard would be bettter treated with softener/conditioner. When I followed Gray Bailey's advice to co-wash (wash the beard with just conditioner) 6 days and wash with beard wash the 7th day, my beard immediately became softer and less curly. 

    You wrote Alexander you would get Utility Balm when you run low on Oil. Use both. First oil to moisturize and condition, then balm to add control.

    I wrote more than I had planned; I hope it is helpful.

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    I received the beard conditioner I ordered and tried it out the other day. Even after just one use i can already feel my beard softening up quite nicely. Ivsigman I don't need to much control as my beard isn't of legendary status as yours, I'm just working with a corporate beard length as it is now. I will take your advise into consideration over the next few months as i plan to grow it out more.

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    David Storm

    Hi, Alex. I do not have a terribly long beard myself, but it is on the thick side.  I also typically shampoo/soften every other day, but I will use oil more often.  In my case, I like the sheen (not to mention fragrance) oil puts on my beard, so I tend to use it after I am finished showering and my beard is mostly dry.  If I am going to be out and about throughout the evening, I will often freshen up with another round of oil, but only a few drops, worked into my hands and then massaged into the entire beard, down to my skin.  Then I comb and style.  Hope that helps too.  Everyone's beard is different, keep defining/re-defining your routine that gives you the best result!

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    I'm at  5 1/2 months into my current yeard attempt and here's my routine to keep things soft and manageable. This pretty much comes straight from the Gray Bailey (George Bruno) playbook. Check him out on Youtube. Anyway, I only shampoo/condition my beard once a week. I use an all natural product that has castor oil as a base along with peppermint and some other stuff that's awesome for hair growth. The other 6 days I co-wash, that is wash my beard with conditioner. I actually use a product  that is labeled as cowash but I believe any good conditioner that lacks a lot chemicals/silicones/parabens etc. will work well too. You could probably cowash with the BB Beard Softener though you may go through it quicker than is economical Then, I apply a few drops of the beard oil straight out of the shower. Sometimes I'll blow dry the beard on a low heat, low speed setting then I apply a small amount of the utility balm, love this stuff by the way. It's great, especially as my beard has started getting some length to it. I use a very wide toothed large comb and similar brush and I finish off with some gentle brushing with the boar hair brush. That's it. I may increase the shampooing to 2 or maybe 3 times a week during the warmer, more humid months, we shall see. By the way, IMO the tea tree Beard Brand products are the best! Love that stuff! I apply the oil/balm once a day though I may occasionally add a couple drops of oil later in the day if it feels dry, to freshen it up and/or just because it smells really good

    By the way, when it comes to growing it out, try not to trim anything! "Let it grow and let it flow" ~G Bruno

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    Nigel David Kelly

    I have a very dry beard so I apply a lot of oil. I also apply a top coat of beard balm.

    Last thing at night I apply  alight beard oil which works it's wonders while I sleep.

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