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    Lee Simoes

    I was also wondering the same thing. I would aporeciate if anybody could chime in. I want to buy the products but I'm not too sure of the difference.

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    Keith Calhoun

    Yo! Good question

    So, it basically comes down to the ingredients and the blends. Our Gold Line has our most complex and exotic blend of essential oils with subtle fragrance. The Silver Line is our core with great blends and the most sillage. The White Label is just a simpler blend and a lesser cost.

    Other than the blends, each fragrance within each line has its own unique aroma. To help you get an idea of our fragrances, check out our Fragrance Guide under our help desk:

    Hopefully, that will help give you a head start in picking the right scent!

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    nate bailey

    I worked it out with trial and error, I ordered from the Gold collection first with Temple Smoke which I enjoy but the cost made it more of a weekend oil, daily I use from the White brand lumber yard and by far it is my favorite scent with a second runner up with Tree Ranger from the Silver line.  Personally it is a tough choice as I like them all so far but I will continue to go with trying them all out as long as I can.  Good luck and enjoy.

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    They are all great but the Gold and Silver lines are definitely more nourishing. I think that's somewhat intentional, sometimes you just want a lighter oil like Urban Garden. But for dry skin I have found Gold line to be worth the additional cost.

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    Anthony Inzerelli

    I will only use Four Vices or Old Money from the Gold Series. Tree Ranger and Spiced Citrus is also really good but I find the Gold Series to be the most beneficial to your skin. I use the Oil and the balm, will be purchasing the trio set of wax next time I make a purchase. The 1oz oil lasts me about 5 weeks, so at $40 and ounce it only comes out to $1.14 a day to treat yourself like a kind. lol, that is extremely reasonable

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